"It's like living inside a book!" - Kade See Past Boxes

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Designed to ignite your imagination, Wonderful Objects delivers a new mystery box each quarter plus magical teasers arriving unannounced. Options for both adults and kids.

Every great adventure story begins with the question "What if?"
What if you found an old lamp, rubbed off the dust, and a genie emerged? What if you hid in an old wardrobe and realized that it led to a magical world? What if magic is real? Each mystery box is full of the wonderful objects you would bring home when you finally returned from your adventures.

Wonderful Objects is storytelling through physical objects. Interesting items for your space, wearable delights (from baubles to bags to scents), limited edition art, and more: Each box contains several hand-picked objects plus custom-designed story-making ephemera (letters, mysterious keepsakes, maps, and more) to transport you into a world of wonder.

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Teasers begin arriving 2-4 weeks ahead of our late-September boxes.
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"I bought this for date nights with my wife.
We take the teaser and open the box and talk about it over dinner...
We love it."

- James K.

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How it works

1. Subscribe for quarterly deliveries

Select a box style (adult or kid), payment plan (renews every 3/ 6/ or 12 months) and create your account. Log in to make changes anytime. You're in control!

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2. We curate, create, and ship

Wonderful Objects are delivered simultaneously once every 3 months with unexpected surprises arriving unannounced ahead of your box.

Your first delivery will arrive  within 15-75 days, based on when you subscribe during the quarter.

Each quarter sells out quickly so join today!

3. Enjoy a whimsical adventure through your Wonderful Objects

Created to encourage imagination, each mystery box is designed for you to relish the unboxing experience as well as the Wonderful Objects enclosed, reminders to take time to dream and embrace adventure.

Made by Wonder and Company with quality storytelling in mind.

Click here to see Past Boxes
plus a walk-through of the experience

Unexpectedly Magical Teasers

Weeks before our mystery boxes arrive, subscribers begin receiving unannounced deliveries. These teasers have quickly become customers' favorite highlights of the Wonderful Objects experience.

Designed to spark your imagination in anticipation of your mystery box, we begin the quarter's story with glimpses of magic we refer to as ephemera.

Who is Fuddy Pim? Why is there mossy dirt on this envelope? What happens in flying lessons for "air swimming"?

Subscribers report driving themselves to distraction imagining where their ephemera has come from, if they themselves sent it home from a past adventure, or if it's perhaps from characters we've yet to meet.

We don't promise answers but we do promise the inspiration to create them on your own. What you imagine may surprise you. Wonder abounds.

Custom Designed and Handcrafted Objects

Over 70% of Wonderful Objects is custom designed for you and/or handcrafted by small business artisans.

Our LIMITED EDITIONS sell out quickly so subscribe today before the next teaser ships! Once the mysteries of the current quarter begin to be revealed, the new quarter's ordering window begins.

That's the particular delight and torture of a mystery subscription: The surprise is a delight for subscribers but torture for those who can only decide once it's been revealed. We require a leap of faith... though the mystery is key to the fun.

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Interactive Storytelling

Wonderful Objects for Kids is an interactive
Make-Your-Own Story Adventure!

• fantastic objects for play, collecting, decorating their room, and creativity
• hints of stories through ephemera like trading cards, maps, puzzles, and more
• plus magical teasers delivered weeks ahead of your mystery box to get their imagination firing

Unlike any other subscription box. Parents are thrilled and proud to share this with their children. "It's like living inside a book!" is a favorite reaction.

An experience far beyond a subscription mystery box...

We love subscription boxes. The notion of mystery boxes has stayed the test of time because of the particular thrill that a mysterious delivery promises. But if you're like us, you want MORE from the experience.

Wonderful Objects is more.

We encourage subscribers to give us 5-10 minutes of their time when their deliveries arrive and we'll give you hours of enjoyment. Really notice the details. Suspend your disbelief and pretend that your delivery really has arrived from a magical place.

Let it inspire your everyday moments. Our hints of stories imbue magic into the objects, if you let them, and unleash something you didn't know you were missing.

Look with wonder at the world around you and rediscover the power of asking "What if...?"

All of the most amazing stories start with one question:

What if?

Wonder and Company invites you to dream again.

What if you ran away with the circus?
What if you stumbled across a fairytale forest?

These are the Wonderful Objects you'd bring home when you return.